One of the newer bookmakers in the Esports section is Under the banner of Ltd. This sportsbook portal mainly offers esports betting. In addition, there are sports betting on football and Co., so that Tipper can also bet on the well-known betting markets of various sports. The main focus is, as the name suggests, on Esport bets. In addition to League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and CS: GO bets, other games such as Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) can be saved.

In addition, an Esport-specific bonus is offered. Thus, new customers can get two free bets worth 13.37 euros. One thing we want to tell in advance: The bonus conditions are terrific, even if it is a low bonus amount.

In terms of esport betting, the provider can not fool anyone so fast: Even smaller tournaments are included in the offer, so that almost every hour there is a new betting opportunity.


  • Extensive Esports offer with many game titles
  • Great bonus conditions that are met quickly
  • Even smaller tournaments find place in the extensive portfolio.

  • Few payment options
  • Hardly information about limits.

All popular games on the site

icon info Each Esport title lists the respective tournaments in the overview so that a simple bet selection can be made. There are numerous tournaments available for each game, some of which start weeks later. This gives the tipper in advance the opportunity to bet on this event and thus receive high odds. To place a bet, all you need to do is click on “Esports” and all titles will be displayed on the left side. After selecting an Esports title, all available events will be displayed.

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Starcraft 2
  • Overwatch
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Players Unknown Battleground
  • Hearthstone
  • Call of Duty.


As extensive as the game titles are the betting options offered. Who thinks that the provider offers only Esport bets on the winner of a match is wrong.’s CS: GO betting sites in particular offer some exciting betting opportunities that will certainly delight fans. Thus, in addition to the winning bet, there is the option of tapping the pistol rounds. In addition, handicap, over and under bets are possible. This provides a lot of excitement in the Esports Livestream.

For Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends bets, there are also card bets, which means that betting on parts of a match is allowed. All other game titles are backed by an extensive betting offer, so you can place a good selection of MOBA, shooter and strategy bets.

Many Tipper have already informed about the Esport and see good chances to win. Betting on Esport is becoming increasingly popular. More and more tippers place their bets on the electronic competition.

In the betting provider comparison one quickly realizes that even large bookmakers, who put their main focus on football and Co., have now additionally put on the esport and have added appropriate bets in their portfolio. In addition to the well-known tournaments, which now attract thousands of spectators to the arenas, also offers smaller and less important events. This gives you the opportunity to bet on more unknown teams. With enough information about each team and luck, you can win with a high quota.

Differences between the esport and conventional sports

For example, while football relies on different associations, esport is completely independent; The rights of the respective tournaments lie solely with the manufacturers. For spectators who want lasting action, it’s worth betting on Esport. While a football game does not have to produce a winner in 90 minutes, the Esports always has one winner and one loser. Since the field is usually kept small, a broadcast offers much more action than, for example, an American football game.

Of course it is different, who prefers which sport. However, the esport seems to be becoming increasingly popular and offers young people in particular a welcome change from everyday life, so that now every second adolescent has ever come into contact with an Esports title. offers many other sports in addition to CS: GO bets, League of Legends bets and other electronic competitions. In the menu these can be found under “More” -> “Sport”. Live betting is also offered here, so fans of football, tennis, American football, handball and ice hockey get plenty of choice. Other sports are also available, but not to the extent that traditional sportsbooks present.

Customer service: the livechat answers questions in a short time

We had to search a bit to find the customer service. The orange button in the lower half of the screen is actually very noticeable. Unlike the best sportsbook, there is no dedicated page or category on the site, so you can not say exactly how long the live chat will be available. In our test, the live chat scored points. A staff member informed us that the minimum bet on the CS: GO betting sites and other Esports sites is only 0.50 Euro. After filling in the comment field, not even a minute passed and the employee was able to answer this question satisfactorily. Even though the live chat would have earned the full score, our review simply lacks an overview of when customer service is available. Thus there is a point deduction at the rating.


Gamblers will probably recognize the importance of the number 1337 immediately. The Leet crew became famous by Counter Strike and later named as the 1337 crew. Since then, the language of the gamblers is also called Leetspeak. In the betting bonus comparison, this amount is of course not comparable to other betting portals. Nevertheless, only a deposit of 30.00 Euro is required to claim the free bets. Thus, the betting portal offers quite a high percentage of the deposit, which can then be used on a CS: GO bet or other betting markets in the area of the Esports.

Deposit amount that activates the bonus: 30,00 Euro

No time for the first deposit.

Bonus only needs to be implemented once.

30 days after receiving the free bets expire this.

The bonus can only be requested once per household.

The bonus should be automatically credited after the deposit. If this is not the case, a simple contact via the live chat helps. The rating of the bonus is very good due to the low deposit and the Esports relevant bonus. Also the bonus conditions are perfect for beginners in the area of the Esports, in order to then pay off the credit.

Payment methods

icon payment 1Our Review also shows the payment options. These are still very poor at the Esports betting portal. It should be mentioned, however, that the provider only uses secure deposit and withdrawal methods, which allows us to answer the question “Is safe?” With a clear “YES”.

Current payment method:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • paysafecard
  • Sofortuberweisung
  • Trustly

While you can make a payout on the aforementioned first four providers, the Paysafecard is a prepaid card on which a payout is not possible.

The provider will also rely on other payment service providers in the future and would like to add them as soon as possible. A novelty in the area of payment services is provided by the provider Zimpler. This will make it possible in future to make deposits via smartphone. Currently Zimpler is only available in Northern European countries. When can offer ticklers for the entire European market depends on the payment service provider.


Numerous providers set aside a German or British license to the Maltese license. Thus, this is already a plus in the Review. Also belonging to Ltd. conveys security and seriousness.

In addition, the provider relies on SSL encryption. In terms of player protection, the betting portal is also well equipped, it is supported by gamblingtherapy and GameCare. The tipper can set itself limits, so that no more credits are used as fixed. In addition, there are trained staff who act as consultants in matters of gambling addiction and can offer immediate help.

When asked “Is safe?”, Thanks to the secure payment service, the Maltese license and the affiliation with Ltd. just answer with a clear “YES”. Tippers can access the CS: GO betting sites and other betting offers without worrying about payouts or billing.

Who does not know the bookmakers who offer League of Legends bets with an excessive outsider odds to lure the customer to bet? Of course, such a bet wins once, but usually the favorite decides the game for himself.

That’s why we want to refer to the healthy mediocrity in our review. The odds of this betting portal are not always the highest in the odds comparison, but offer a great opportunity to permanently gain profits. The ratio between the favorite and the outsider is perfectly set, so it can happen that the favorite bet, which offers a higher chance of winning, is set significantly higher than other betting portals.

Operability of the website: great esports flair meets good banners

The website exudes a certain flair already when it’s called, so gamers and esports-tippers feel at home and feel like betting. The classification is particularly on the Esports-relevant topics and banners are mainly presented in this area. For Tipper, who are looking for a change, there is a chance in the menu item “More” to tap on conventional sports. However, it should be mentioned that this portal focuses on the Esports bets and thus offers only a small selection.

Another great feature is the pre-market. Ads are updated automatically, so you always know exactly when which match starts. Especially the CS: GO betting sites are an eye-catcher and offer numerous tournaments with the most different betting possibilities. The search box also allows a quick search for a game or league, so an exact search is omitted in the e-sports titles and you can call the betting options to a game immediately.

Live bets

Under “Live Esports”, are all games that have already started. The betting options are rarely different from the pre-market opportunities. Thus, a match can still be tapped after the start.

In addition to the CS: GO betting sites, also offers traditional sports. Thus, variety is guaranteed if a tipster does not appeal to any of the numerous Esports betting. The offer in this area, however, is poor compared to other bookmakers who are fixated on traditional sports such as football, and does not offer that many betting opportunities. But already the name of the provider already indicates that bets on the electronic competition are in the foreground here. Thus, there is only a small point deduction.

Other offers

For the slot fans, offers some selected casino games. However, these are not in the foreground and are for entertainment only.

The news section stands out, offering up-to-the-minute Esport news. So Tipper can prepare in advance for a great tournament perfectly to plan their bets.

Another special feature is the livestreams that run on the betting platform itself. So the annoying switching is no longer necessary to place a live bet.


A little sobering, reviews the limits. On the homepage only limits for self-protection are available. How high a bet may fail, you will not find out yet.

But if you look at the deposit and withdrawal amounts that a tipster can make, we can calm down a bit at this point. Deposits with VISA, MasterCard and Sofort├╝berweisung are possible up to 5,000 euros. Payouts to these payment providers are even possible up to 20,000 euros, so that the limits should not be set strictly.

Anyone who thinks that 99 points are not satisfactory, is mistaken. For a newly launched bookmaker, the Esports betting portal offers more than other vendors and performs very well in our review. Nevertheless, offers fans of electronic competition everything their heart desires. Only with the payment options, the information about the customer service and the limits would have to be improved a little.

The betting tax is even credited to the bet and you see the actual net profit. Thus, the Tipper does not have to worry about taxes and can enjoy the betting and the subsequent livestream to the fullest.

With its numerous esports titles, the portal is one of the most extensive in the area of the Esports and can additionally score with its livestreams and the news page. Even the bonus is adapted to the Esport and offers a great start with two free bets that only need to be converted once.

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