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William Hill is a traditional bookmaker. He has been active since 1934, making him one of the oldest of his kind. He has his license on Gibraltar, which enjoys a reputation as good as the Maltese license. For European players it was not possible for a long time to use the betting offer of the bookmaker. Meanwhile, this is allowed again, so you can draw on the full. You can expect a variety of sports here, including football, tennis, handball, ice hockey and many more. The electronic sports are now included. The offer is supplemented by the live bets. You can also give tips on events in politics or entertainment. If you want a playful change, you have your own casino at your disposal. For the adequate flair provides the live casino, which offers you especially roulette, blackjack or poker. In the regular online casino, however, you can also try slot games and numerous jackpot games.

As a new player you will be greeted with a William Hill bonus. If you register, you will receive a maximum bonus of 100 Euro. For this you have to enter a bonus code. You do not receive the bonus all at once, but gradually and in the form of free bets.


  • 100 Euro maximum bonus
  • Bonus code required
  • Bonus usable in 3 steps
  • Free bets are granted as a bonus.


  • The welcome bonus from William Hill you get comparatively easy. For this you first have to register as a new player. What steps are necessary in the further course to redeem the bonus, we show here.

Sign up as a new player.

  • Make a first deposit and enter the William Hill bonus code
  • Tap on a first bet of 5 euros and a minimum of 1.50. Now you get a free bet up to 50 Euro.
  • Place 5 more bets with the same minimum odds and a total stake of at least 200 Euros. Then you get the second part of your bonus credit of 50 Euro.


  • Name: New customer bonus
  • Bonus Type: Free Bet
  • Maximum bonus amount: 100 €
  • Payable: no
  • Sales requirement: Place 5 bets with min. 200 Euro and 1st bet with min. 5 Euro
  • Minimum rate: 1.5

The William Hill bonus is offered to you not as a monetary value, but in the form of free bets. For this you first have to make a first deposit and place a first bet. You will receive 50 percent of your bet or a maximum of 50 euros as a credit. The minimum deposit is 5 euros. You can use the first tip only for single or multiple bets, which have a minimum odds of 1.50. When depositing you must not forget the input of the bonus code. After the first free bet has been made available to you, you have a total of 30 days to use it.

Only in the next step is the second bonus credit. In order to receive the further amount of a maximum of 50 euros, you must give a total of 5 more tips whose total amount is at least 200 euros. Again, the minimum quota 1.50 must not fall below. Only then will you get the second free bet as a credit. Here you have a total of 15 days to use them in the sports betting area. So if you want to get the full 100% William Hill betting bonus, you have to give at least six tips.

Note, however, that you only have certain means of payment available for depositing and using the betting offer. Excluded are the Paysafecard, Skrill and Neteller. Even with the betting offer you have to make cuts in the use of free bets. Excluded are:

  • lotto
  • horse race
  • Greyhounds
  • eSports
  • Virtual
  • Betting on social events
  • politics
  • TV & entertainment shows


In order to have the bonus paid out, you must first meet the sales conditions. But how exactly can you get the bonus? Immediately after registration, you must make a first deposit of at least 5 euros. After that you have to place a first bet. The William Hill betting bonus is granted to you 100 percent and with a maximum value of 50 euros. With your first tip you can get a free bet of 50 Euro. The second free bet you get if you place at least 5 more tips with a total of 200 euros or more. The first free bet gives you 30 days to use it. The second bet is 15 days. Note, however, in the free games that the minimum odds is 1.50 and not the complete betting offer is considered. Excluded are:

  • lotto
  • horse race
  • Greyhounds
  • eSports
  • virtuals
  • Social events
  • politics
  • TV shows

When you pay, you are not all cash available. Since you can only use the options that you have also used in the deposit, Skrill, the Paysafecard and Neteller fall out of here.


Anyone who is already a customer of a bookmaker will understand the principle behind the voucher, which is activated with a William Hill bonus code. In addition to this small but fine aspect, there are other points that must be taken into account when redeeming the bonus. To ensure that nothing can go wrong here, we have listed the three most common mistakes clearly for you.

Note minimum rate: When submitting your bet you should always make sure that the minimum quota of 1.50 is not undershot. Otherwise, these bets will not be taken into account when fulfilling the bonus conditions. However, it is possible that you combine several single bets into a combined bet and thus reach the minimum odds of 1.50.

Permitted bets: The bonus conditions show that not all bet offers are available to use the bonus. Excluded are the horse and greyhound races, the virtual sports, the social bets, eSports as well as politics bets. As long as you have not realized the bonus conditions, you should keep yourself away from these bets.

Period: You have a total of 15 or 30 days to complete the bonus terms. You have to keep to this deadline, otherwise the bonus expires. The winnings that you made during this time with the bonus offers will also be deleted from your betting account. In the bonus offers, you should pay attention to what free bet is. To clear the first free bet, you have 30 days left. For the second free bet, however, you only have 15 days.


In principle, the William Hill bonus of the bookmaker is to be classified as positive. You receive here 100 percent or a maximum of 100 euros as a bonus credit. However, these are not provided to you as a monetary value on your betting account, but only as a free bet. In addition, there is not the bonus all at once, but you have to redeem it in two steps. You get the first free bet when you place a first bet. This must have a minimum stake of five euros. You will receive a maximum of 50% bonus up to 50 Euro. Only when you have received this bet, you can also play for the second free bet. For this, however, you must place five more bets with a total value of 200 euros. In the next step you will receive another free bet with the value of 50 Euro as a credit. The bookmaker will meet you in the minimum odds. They are 1.50 and are therefore comparatively low. To redeem your bonus and unlock it, you have 30 or 15 days in total. This period is certainly not optimal, but quite common in comparison to the competition. With a little skill and the focus on the bonus terms, you can unlock your bonus offer and redeem the bonus for William Hill.


In practice, the bonus turns out to be quick to use. Once you have logged in and made your first deposit, you can use the bonus. However, this requires a William Hill bonus code. Make sure you do not have all the payment options. You can not pay with the Paysafecard, Skrill or Neteller and are therefore a bit limited. The bonus amount of 100 euros sounds at first tempting, but it must not always be in practice. It is granted to you in two steps and is only available to you as a free bet. You can earn the first free bet if you place a first bet of at least five euros. The maximum wager is 50 Euro to reach the maximum bonus amount of 50 Euro. The minimum odds of the bet is 1.50. Only when you have won this free bet, you can go to the second step of the bonus offer. This is a bit awkward for some players, as not all betting offers are allowed. For example, you have to do without sports betting in the following areas:

  • Greyhound racing
  • horse race
  • eSports
  • politics
  • Social events

If you have unlocked your first free bet based on the bonus conditions within 30 days, you can start the second free bet. For this, you must place a total of at least five other bets with a total volume of at least 200 euros. Only then you will receive the second free bet, which also amounts to a maximum of 50 euros. You can not use all sports here. The selection of betting markets is also limited, because you can place your tips exclusively on the single and combination bets.

The winnings you earn with a free bet and the voucher will be credited to your account. However, you can not use all payment methods to pay them off. Here you are a bit limited. Available to you here z. For example, the Paysafecard, Neteller or Skrill not. Since these options are also excluded from the deposit, you can not use them for your withdrawal transactions. However, this procedure is not uncommon in comparison to other bookmakers, so you do not have to fear fraud here either.


William Hill is considered a veteran among the bookmakers and excluded players from the betting offer for a long time. The reason for this was the regulations with the betting tax. Meanwhile, it is again possible that European players can benefit from the offer. Good for you, because now you too can use the extensive sports betting offer again. Not only are the classics like football, tennis, handball or volleyball available, but also many traditional British sports. For some time, the bookmaker has also opened up to the electronic sports. All in all, there are over 23 categories available that you can tap on. Also the live bets are noticed with a changing offer.

If you want to move away from sports betting on new terrain, you can also take advantage of the bookmaker’s casino offer. There is also a live casino to choose from. Especially poker, blackjack or roulette are here in full. The extensive selection also includes slot games. If you also like to go with the trend of the time and include your mobile device in your daily routine, you would be pleased with the bookmaker’s offer: a separate app. It is available free of charge for iOS or Android devices. That way you will not miss any exciting bonus offers or attractive bets on the go.

Speaking of bonuses, they also have a long history with the British bookmaker. You will not only be rewarded as a new customer, but you can also benefit as an existing customer from a wide range. The bonus services are not limited to sports betting, but also include the casino area. Seriousness is also provided by the bookmaker. You can see that for example in the license on Gibraltar, which has as high a status as the Maltese license. The sovereignty and experience of the bookmaker are also evident in dealing with the issue of data security. Your transactions are executed over an encrypted SSL connection, so you do not have to worry about unauthorized third-party access. If you are interested in the topic of gambling addiction prevention, you will also find a wealth of information and help.

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